The Ormax Bollywood Audience Report (TOBAR 2018)

The Ormax Bollywood Audience Report (TOBAR) is India\'s largest U&A (usage & attitudes) study among theatre-goers of Hindi films. The latest edition of the report (TOBAR 2018) is now available for subscription to studios, producers, celebrity and talent management companies, advertisers, media agencies and any other stakeholders who have an interest in the film business.


TOBAR is based on research conducted by Ormax Media among more than 10,000 theatre-goers across 63 cities in India. The reports profiles theatre-going Bollywood audiences across various segments, such as age, gender and markets. The study covers audience understanding in terms of their contribution to box office, ticket price, genre preferences, appeal drivers for new films, star preferences, sources of awareness and many other such information areas.


Download the report outline ('Download Presentation' link below) to know more about the various sections in the report.

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Ormax Media has opted for a very focused media research approach, which was a definite need gap for the industry, epsecially TV. Ormax has managed to capitalize on this opportunity with their innovative and robust tools specifically designed to cater to these needs. At Colors, we have been working with Ormax Media from the very beginning. While working on some very interesting projects, there has been a lot of learning that enabled us to know our viewers even better.

Raj Nayak - CEO, Colors