Ormax Brand Matrix (OBM)

Ormax Brand Matrix (OBM) is our proprietary viewership maximisation tool developed using Ormax Media's extensive television experience across 78 channels. In a completely domain-centric and actionable approach that takes the idea of a brand-track to the next level, OBM recommends a content & communication blueprint for channels to increase their viewership by identifying areas that can actually make a real difference.


Based on a set of unique insights extracted from our understanding of television consumers over more than five years, OBM uses qualitative and quantitative research to measure and interpret a series of metrics, which in turn reveal insights that can have a decisive business impact.


OBM can be used by channels across genres, such as GECs, news, movies, kids, youth, music, infotainment, lifestyle, etc. The project design, such as markets and target audience demographics, is customized to the channel's requirement.

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Based on research conducted by Ormax, we are well-armed while aligning the strategy and focusing on the target markets for the channel. They are target-oriented as far as achieving the objectives of a research study is concerned.

Debarpita Banerjee - Former VP - Marketing & Communication, Fox International Channels (FIC) and National Geographic