Ormax Characters India Loves

Ormax Characters India Loves (OCIL) is a monthly character popularity report that tracks favourite fiction & non-fiction television characters in Urban Hindi-speaking markets. The syndicated OCIL report covers a sample size of 2,800+ per month, across more than 50 cities and towns in HSM Urban,


Character popularity has a proven correlation with program viewership, making OCIL extremely relevant to broadcasters. They can use the report to track performance of characters on their channels as well as competition. Attribute analysis at the end of every quarter helps them understand the reasons of popularity of the most successful characters on television. In turn, this helps subscribers understand emerging character trends that they can use as content inputs.

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Ormax has been a close business partner for Sony for several years now. The direct and rational insights given by them have helped us in our positive growth in an extremely competitive marketplace. The various tools that Ormax offers, have guided us towards framing a scientific approach to define our core audience and target them effectively.

Sneha Rajani - Deputy President & Head - Sony Pictures Networks Productions