Ormax Moviescope (Script Testing)

Ormax Moviescope is our flagship testing product that comes in two variants: Film Testing & Script Tesing. More than 70 scripts have been tested so far using Ormax Moviescope. Producers use Ormax Moviescope to assess the audience feedback towards the script, helping them take important business decisions, including whether to greenlight the script or not. They also get an estimate of the Lifetime Box Office (LBO) potential of the script (with proven accuracy of 90%+), based on the Word Of Mouth (WOM) score of the film.


The product uses a mix of quantitative and qualitative research, using a set of proprietary parameters and techniques designed by Ormax Media. An Ormax Moviescope script study enables the producer to take decisions related to greenlighting or passing a script, deciding on casting options based on the film\'s box office potential, and commissioning a rewrite of the script to address content concerns that emerge in the research.


In an industry that operates at 10-15% success rate, script testing can play a decisive role, increasing the success rate of a production house or studio dramatically, leading to huge financial gains over time.

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Ormax has been a close business partner for Sony for several years now. The direct and rational insights given by them have helped us in our positive growth in an extremely competitive marketplace. The various tools that Ormax offers, have guided us towards framing a scientific approach to define our core audience and target them effectively.

Sneha Rajani - Deputy President & Head - Sony Pictures Networks Productions