Branded Entertainment
Branded Entertainment

Ormax Media has developed a series of tools to evaluate the reach and effectiveness of branded entertainment, i.e., sponsorships, in-program or in-film placement, AFPs (advertiser-funded programs), media innovations, etc. Brands and media agencies use these tools to evaluate whether they got the targeted return on investment on an activity, and which elements of the activity contributed the most to it.


Ormax Mpact is our flagship product to measure the performance of high-impact media associations. Bespoke research is also available to cater to specific needs of brands. Additionally, Ormax Media's syndicated products in television and films are relevant to advertisers for trendspotting and association purposes.

Ormax Mpact
A Performance Evaluation Tool For Brand Associations
Ormax Stars India Loves
Bollywood Star Popularity Report
Ormax Characters India Loves (CIL)
Character Popularity Tracking Report
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Lowe Lintas

Ormax Media has opted for a very focused media research approach, which was a definite need gap for the industry, epsecially TV. Ormax has managed to capitalize on this opportunity with their innovative and robust tools specifically designed to cater to these needs. At Colors, we have been working with Ormax Media from the very beginning. While working on some very interesting projects, there has been a lot of learning that enabled us to know our viewers even better.

Raj Nayak - CEO, Colors