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2017 onwards, the Indian market has seen the entry of major streaming platforms, and since then, the medium has emerged as a force to reckon with. The medium brings with it a set of unique business challenges: a fast-evolving marketplace, a price-sensitive audience and the unique (smartphone-dominated) nature of the Indian market.

Over the last four years, we have invested in building consumer research and analytics tools to service this exciting sector. Sizing and profiling the Indian streaming market has been at the heart of our endeavours, which have helped us build a deep understanding of the Indian streaming audience. Our tools are being used widely by streaming platforms to take informed business decisions in a cluttered and highly-competitive marketplace.

Business Partners

Amazon Prime Video
Disney+ Hotstar
Sony LIV
ALT Balaji
NBC Universal
Reel Drama
Zee Plex
Civic Studios
Mythos Labs


The OTT Audience Report

The Ormax OTT Audience Report is designed as a definitive audience sizing study for the Indian streaming market. The report plugs in major data gaps in a category that lacks central measurement. The 2021 edition is now available for subscription.

Ormax Stream Test

Content testing tool to help streaming platforms take informed green-lighting and marketing decisions related to original content. The tool uses primary research and statistical modelling to estimate the viewership potential of concepts or pilots.

Ormax Stream Track

Syndicated campaign tracking tool for streaming originals (web-series & direct-to-OTT films) in India, to enable platforms gauge consumer response to their campaigns. Available in customised versions for regional platforms too.

Ormax Communication Testing

Campaign testing tool for launch campaigns for online shows and films, as well as brand campaigns. With modules for trailer, poster, teaser and song testing built into the tool, platforms can use the test to identify their most-effective campaign assets.

Ormax Mpact

Ormax Mpact is a proprietary tool to measure the effectiveness of in-program branding, advertiser-funded programming and sponsorship of big-ticket content. It helps content producers build persuasive case studies for stronger sales pitches.

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Streaming Insights

Anatomy of the anthology: An audience perspective

Anatomy of the anthology: An audience perspective

While streaming platforms seem bullish on anthologies in India, this analysis suggests the format holds little content or marketing value for the audience

Never let bad tech come in the way of a good story

Never let bad tech come in the way of a good story

A study of Indian streaming audience challenges conventional thinking that content reigns supreme, by highlighting how crucial the technological prowess of a streaming platform can be

By paid membership only?

By paid membership only?

Findings of The Ormax OTT Audience Report: 2021 highlight the distinction between paying and non-paying audiences of SVOD content in India

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