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Out-of-Home (OOH)

OOH audiences are a part of many media plans, but the medium does not get a significant share of the AdEx, because it is unable to highlight its reach and deliveries because of poor measurement. In August 2019, we launched Ormax OHM, a holistic platform that provides audience analytics and automation capabilities for our OOH partners.

Ormax OHM is enabled with technology provided by Quividi, and offers real-time data for audience profile (age & gender), engagement (dwell & attention time), vehicle counts, footfalls, etc., for media assets enabled on its network. It reports guaranteed impressions delivered by digital OOH advertising, and enables automated targeting and playout features as a completely seamless process. As a versatile platform, it can be used for various OOH audience engagement opportunities, such as cinemas, ambient, transit, outdoor, retail, malls etc.

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Times OOH


Footfalls Profiling

Real-time profiling to highlight OTS, impressions, audience profile, dwell & attention time for media assets or locations. Used at cinemas, airports, malls, retail stores, cafes, etc., to enable advertising, offers, shopping experiences, etc. with data.

Vehicle & Pedestrians Count

Pedestrians count, vehicle count by type, via real-time measurement, to provide OTS, impressions, and dwell time for outdoor media assets, leading to guaranteed impressions and engagement deliveries for each media asset, campaign or spot.

Targeting & Innovations

Automated playout of the targeted creative based on audience profile detected in real time. Can be programmed for each screen, and provides reach and deliveries for the campaign by spot and screen. Can also be used to enable interactive innovations.

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Out-of-Home (OOH) Insights

The future of OOH measurement

The future of OOH measurement

Ormax OHM has partnered with Intel India, Times OOH & Quividi to showcase world class solutions that enable advanced audience analytics and automation to deliver experiential OOH campaigns

Programmatic advertising: The future of OOH in India

Programmatic advertising: The future of OOH in India

The digital OOH medium in India has huge potential to grow on the strength of technology-enabled programmatic advertising and measurement

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