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Social media platforms are at the centre of the media industry in India, being used widely by all other sectors (films, TV, streaming, etc.) as a key marketing platform for their brand and product campaigns. We have pioneered in developing tools to measure effectiveness of social media platforms towards driving conversions to box office footfalls, and viewership of TV & streaming content. These tools allow social media platforms to build data to market their solutions to their business partners more persuasively.

We also research content creators and influencers to understand their needs better, which in turn helps social media platforms engage with this important group of stakeholders more meaningfully.

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Ormax Influencers India Loves

Monthly popularity tracking of social media influencers in urban India, spanning diverse platforms and content genres, which aims to bring objectivity and precision to the process of selecting the right influencer for social media platforms and brands.

Creators/ Influencers Research

Content creators and influencers are a pivotal component in the social media ecosystem. B2B researches with these stakeholders help platforms understand their needs and engage with them more meaningfully, to build enduring long-term relationships.

ROI Measurement

Does a social media campaign by a film or a TV show boost its box office or ratings? Our customised ROI studies help answer such questions decisively, helping social media platforms build persuasive sales pitches for their entertainment partners.

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Social Media Insights

Influencers India Loves

Influencers India Loves

Our new monthly tracking product Ormax Influencers India Loves is the only consumer-generated measure of the popularity of social media influencers in India

Fact or fake: A reality check on Indian news

Fact or fake: A reality check on Indian news

Second edition of our 'Fact or Fake?' report suggests that concerns around fake news have escalated in India. The author looks at the findings and their implications for Indian news media

In digital we trust: Urban Indian kids

In digital we trust: Urban Indian kids

Findings of Ormax Brand Trust Survey 2021 reveal that digital media brands have managed to earn the trust of urban Indian kids

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