Ormax Media\'s work in the radio industry spans across various types, from music testing to listenership tracks, from RJ research to ad pre-test. Some of our key offerings for the FM Radio industry are listed below. We also take up bespoke work, where we work together with our radio parteners to develop and deliver business solutions to meet their specific needs.

Ormax Heartbeats
Weekly Bollywood Music Charts
Listenership Tracks
Audience Measurement Reports
Music Testing
Consumer-driven Playlist Generation
Business Partners
Radio City
Red FM
Oye FM

Ormax is our agency of first choice and this largely stems from the fact that they are willing to listen and understand the brief. Often this becomes difficult in such a passionate industry, The film industry has always believed in ‘gut feel’ and it is nice to see someone factor in that aspect when chatting with us and come back with a grounded approach to the research required.

Rafiq Gangjee - Former VP - Marketing & Communication, Yash Raj Films