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An environment of information overload and media clutter means that brand managers and media planners face ever-increasing challenges related to media effectiveness and ROI of their campaigns. Is my reality show sponsorship, for which I paid a huge premium, delivering? Should I do a second season of a co-branded digital show whose first season was moderately successful? Which film star should I sign up as a brand endorser to best communicate my brand values? Should I spend my TV budgets on IPL or invest in a more conventional TV plan instead?

Our products Ormax Mpact and Ormax Celeble are designed to answer such questions. With our deep understanding of the Indian entertainment landscape, coupled with data and analytics that we deploy, our work in this domain can help brand managers and media planners optimise ROI from their marketing spends on media properties and innovations.

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Ormax Mpact

Ormax Mpact is a proprietary tool to measure the effectiveness of high-impact advertising, such as reality shows, IPL, AFPs and roadblocks. It helps brand and media planners measure and benchmark the ROI of their big-ticket spends

Ormax Celeble

Ormax Celeble is our proprietary tool to help brands select a celebrity endorser who matches the brand's personality the best. It taps into an ever-growing database of more than 500+ national & regional celebs to recommend the best choices for the brand

Ormax Influencers India Loves

Monthly popularity tracking of social media influencers in urban India, spanning diverse platforms and content genres, which aims to bring objectivity and precision to the process of selecting the right influencer for brands.

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678 million sports audiences in India... Game on!

678 million sports audiences in India... Game on!

The first edition of The Ormax Sports Audience Report: 2024, based on India’s largest sports research, reveals various insights about sports content consumption in India

The future of OOH measurement

The future of OOH measurement

Ormax OHM has partnered with Intel India, Times OOH & Quividi to showcase world class solutions that enable advanced audience analytics and automation to deliver experiential OOH campaigns

Influencers India Loves

Influencers India Loves

Our new monthly tracking product Ormax Influencers India Loves is the only consumer-generated measure of the popularity of social media influencers in India

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