Ormax Stars India Loves

Ormax Star India Loves (OSIL) is a monthly popularity report that tracks favourite male & female Bollywood stars in 64 cities across India, with a total sample size of more than 62,000 per year.


In OSIL, audiences are asked to name their two favorite male and female film stars each, based on which the monthly report is generated. Star popularity information is relevant to studios as well as other stakeholders such as advertisers, media agencies and talent management companies, who invest in stars based on their popularity. The report ranks stars purely based on audience popularity, without considering factors like film releases, TV appearances, news events and brand endorsements. Impact of these factors on the star's popularity can be gauged by tracking the growth/ fall in popularity of a star in the relevant period, before and after a release.

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Ormax is our agency of first choice and this largely stems from the fact that they are willing to listen and understand the brief. Often this becomes difficult in such a passionate industry, The film industry has always believed in ‘gut feel’ and it is nice to see someone factor in that aspect when chatting with us and come back with a grounded approach to the research required.

Rafiq Gangjee - Former VP - Marketing & Communication, Yash Raj Films