Awareness Tracks

While Ormax Showbuzz tracks awareness of new launches on Hindi GECs, equivalent tracks can be set up for channels across genres, to track and evaluate the performance of their launches, and give recommendations that can improve the campaign performance and hence the opening ratings.


Awareness Tracks are being used by channels across genres - Hindi & English movie channels for World TV Premieres, Regional GECs for new programs, Infotainment and News channels for new campaigns, Kids channels for new programs, etc. With their quick turnaround time, Awareness Tracks are a higly cost-effective and actionable method of course-correcting critical campaigns.

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Based on research conducted by Ormax, we are well-armed while aligning the strategy and focusing on the target markets for the channel. They are target-oriented as far as achieving the objectives of a research study is concerned.

Debarpita Banerjee - Former VP - Marketing & Communication, Fox International Channels (FIC) and National Geographic