Ormax Mpact

Ormax Mpact is our proprietary product to measure the success of high-impact associations on the equity of a brand. Examples of high-impact associations are reality show sponsorships, print innovations (jackets & sampling), AFPs, large-scale BTL events, roadblock campaigns, sporting event sponsorships, in-profram or in-film integration, etc. For these types of innovations and associations, Ormax Mpact goes beyond the measurement of recall to give an Ormax Mpact Score that can be used to ascertain the impact of brand measures such as awareness, likeability, preference and purchase intention.


Ormax Mpact has been used across more than 70 associations, which in turn ensures that robust benchmarks are available to understand whether a particular association deliverred on its campaign objectives or not. TV channels can use Ormax Mpact to evaluate their innovations such as reality show sponsorships, roadblocks and in-program integrations, and build persuasive case studies for future selling of similar innovations.

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Ormax has been a close business partner for Sony for several years now. The direct and rational insights given by them have helped us in our positive growth in an extremely competitive marketplace. The various tools that Ormax offers, have guided us towards framing a scientific approach to define our core audience and target them effectively.

Sneha Rajani - Deputy President & Head - Sony Pictures Networks Productions