Ormax Showbuzz

Ormax Showbuzz is our syndicated awareness tracking tool that measures the performance of launch campaigns for new programs, movie premieres and events across Hindi GECs. The daily Ormax Showbuzz report captures the UA (Unaided Awareness) and TA (Total Awareness) of all upcoming and recently-launched programs, movies and events in the Hindi GEC category, using research conducted among Hindi GEC viewers in Urban HSM.


Subscribers can use the Ormax Showbuzz software to generate reports and benchmark their launches against competition, as well as their own past launches. Additionally, daily scores are available to allow quick decision making during the launch campaign.

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Ormax Media has opted for a very focused media research approach, which was a definite need gap for the industry, epsecially TV. Ormax has managed to capitalize on this opportunity with their innovative and robust tools specifically designed to cater to these needs. At Colors, we have been working with Ormax Media from the very beginning. While working on some very interesting projects, there has been a lot of learning that enabled us to know our viewers even better.

Raj Nayak - CEO, Colors