Ormax True Value

Ormax True Value is our proprietary content pre-testing tool developed originally in 2009. In its latest version, Ormax True Value can be used to pre-test television content in various genres, including Hindi, English & Regional GECs, Kids and Infotainment. The tool has been used to test more than 330 programs across 27 channels since 2008.


The tool measures the performance of the test program on a series of parameters, and benchmarks this performance vis-a-vis similar existing programs on-air. The Ormax True Value Score of the program is an accurate estimate of its likely success, and is used to forecast steady-state viewership of the program.


Ormax True Value can be used by broadcasters for shortlisting programs, as well as forecasting their on-air performance post launch, including specific content and communication recommendations. The research target audience and markets are customized to the channel. Ideally, the research is accompanied by focus group discussions, which help explain the scores through deeper consumer understanding.

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Based on research conducted by Ormax, we are well-armed while aligning the strategy and focusing on the target markets for the channel. They are target-oriented as far as achieving the objectives of a research study is concerned.

Debarpita Banerjee - Former VP - Marketing & Communication, Fox International Channels (FIC) and National Geographic