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Celebrity endorsements: The right choice

Celebrity endorsements: The right choice

Celebrity endorsements: The right choice

New tool Ormax Celeble helps brands select a celebrity endorser who fits their desired personality the best
Published on August 18, 2021   •   4 mins read
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By Our Insights Desk

  • Ormax Celeble mines into a data of 500+ celebrities to suggest celebrity endorsers who match the brand's desired personality the best, thus taking away subjectivity from endorser selection to a large extent
  • The tool can suggest options that are cost effective and yet more suited to the brand than the big stars who come at a huge price tag
  • It helps brands take informed decisions that help them use the power of celebrity endorsement to its full potential

Signing up celebrity endorsers can cost brands a fortune. And yet, selection of the right celebrity endorser for a brand is often an ‘unscientific’ decision. Brand owners who otherwise rely extensively on data and research to take critical business decisions often find themselves on a subjective terrain when it comes to selecting the right celebrity for the brand.

There are many factors at play, ranging from popularity of the celebrity, whether the celebrity is on an ascendancy, the target audience the celebrity delivers and whether that fits the brand’s target group, and the price tag the celebrity carries. With the rise of social media stars, the celebrity ecosystem has more options than ever before, and taking informed decisions with this complex mix of parameters can be challenging, to say the least.

But there’s one metric that trumps everything else when it comes to selecting the right celebrity endorser for a brand: The fit between the image of the celebrity and the (desired) image of the brand. Even the most popular celebrity may not help the brand if the fit is poor. And when a top celebrity, who comes with a huge price tag, is endorsing more than a dozen brands, a poor fit can render the entire exercise futile for the brand in question. To quote Kevin Plank, Founder & Executive Chairman of Under Armour: “One thing people don’t realize about celebrity endorsements is how effective an endorsement can be from someone who is relatively unknown but has the right personality”.

Our new product Ormax Celeble focuses on this singular aspect. It’s a tool to help brands select an endorser who fits the brand’s desired personality traits. Ormax Celeble uses the Ormax Personality Framework (OPF), on which a host of Indian celebrities across domains (see chart below) have been profiled using ongoing consumer research being conducted since 2016. OPF uses 27 personality traits to profile each celebrity.


An analysis that deploys Ormax Celeble entails creating a desired brand personality chart, where the brand manager selects traits out of the longlist of 27 that they want their brand to be associated with. Once the brand personality chart is defined, Ormax Celeble runs the tool to match the brand’s personality to the 500+ celebrities in the database, to calculate the Ormax Celeble Score, a measure of the percentage fit between the celebrity’s profile and the desired brand personality.


Imagine a scenario where a brand manager knows that Rishabh Pant is a more effective option for her brand than Virat Kohli. Data of this nature can potentially change how the endorsement ecosystem operates at a fundamental level itself, especially when it comes to strategic endorsements to build a brand over several years, like this Hanes case study below.


In the Ormax Celeble product overview that you can download here, we have used three case studies (Nykaa, Lifebuoy and Fastrack) to illustrate how the tool works. While the results may often be intuitive, the tool does a great job of suggesting counter-intuitive options, or the ‘hidden gems’ too. For example, Sunny Leone and Taapsee Pannu featuring ahead of several Hindi film heroines for Nykaa, or the eclectic mix of best-fitting endorsers for Lifebuoy, ranging from Sunil Gavaskar and Ram Kapoor to TV characters Anupama, Pragya and Ninja Hattori, or the happy coincidence of Ben 10, who uses a watch as his primary gadget, emerging a strong fit with Fastrack. The tool allows a brand to look at the entire spectrum, ranging from big-ticket national icons to 'moneyball' options, and take an informed decision that can help the brand use the power of celebrity endorsement to its full potential.

To find out more, connect with us through the Brands section of this website.

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